Powerful organic social media marketing.

Think evergreen content, think exposure, think genuine followers, think traffic, think growth, think less money for lasting results.

Elena Catherine Media is a boutique Social Media Agency based in Vancouver, helping service-based and product-based entrepreneurs and businesses grow and scale using organic social media marketing.


Hi, I’m Elena. I build and grow impact-driven brands online using organic social media marketing.

I’m happy you found me! Now it’s time for your customers to find you. 


I’m an experienced social media marketing consultant with over 10 years of experience helping entrepreneurs, brands, and influencers reach their target audience in an authentic way and convert prospects into leads by using organic content marketing strategies.

Elena Catherine Media is #2 out of 1,321 firms on Clutch as a Market Leader - Top Freelancer Social Media Consultants

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Did you know that up to 80% of online customers ignore paid ads? The reason behind it is simple - people see them as artificial and pushy.

Organic marketing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing strategies.

Why do you need to invest in organic marketing?

check mark for organic marketing builds credibility and trust
checkmark for is cost-effective
organic marketing gets your lasting results

It builds credibility and trust

My strategies focus on solving customer’s pain points - and showcase you as the problem-solver.


This way, you build an authentic and genuine connection with your customers - just like personal recommendations.

It's cost-effective


If you rely solely on paid marketing, you lose the attention as soon as you stop paying. Ouch!


Luckily, you can say farewell to high budgets and temporary results. 


My customized plans help you establish, maintain and grow your business online - with minimum cost and an impressive return on investment.

It gets you lasting results

Organic search excels in helping your business reach an audience that’s interested in learning more and buying from you - without the upfront cost of paid search. 


Imagine content that drives results consistently over time and never stops. That’s exactly what inbound marketing can do for you.


Ready to claim your online space?

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How I can help you grow your brand online

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