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  • Elena Catherine

6 Lucrative Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator

Updated: May 2, 2022

As the influencer marketing industry has skyrocketed, so has the number of influencers on different social media platforms. We’ve seen content creators come to the forefront because creators offer a more affordable way for brands to target their desired market. Influencer marketing has been found to be one of the best ways to get brands in front of new customers.

Believe it or not, but the Creator market size is now over $104.2 billion combined with the Influencer Marketing industry. This content creator revolution is allowing creators to make money and monetize their content like never before. There's no reason why you can't take advantage of this market opportunity and turn it into profit while building your personal brand as a content creator.

Content creators know how to communicate with the right people, and that's why brands prefer them over larger influencers when choosing an individual to promote their brand through sponsored content and product placements. However, large corporations aren't the only brand's creators and influencers are working with. Smaller businesses that don't have the budgets for large influencer marketing campaigns are realizing the value of content creators too.

You may be wondering well wait, I only have x amount followers, can I still monetize? The answer is yes, as a content creator you are put in the same category as a "nano-influencer". A nano-influencer has the following range from 1k-10k, so don't worry as long as you have at least 1,000 followers these tips still apply to you! And if you don't have 1k followers there's still time for you to grow.

In this blog post, I am going to dive deep into 6 lucrative ways that you can make money as a content creator.

1) Sell Products

One of the key reasons why people follow influencers on social media is because they like their content. If your audience is already engaging with you, why not monetize it? You've built a following that trusts your opinion and values what you have to offer. There are creators and influencers who make money on social media by simply selling products they like (or even use). Once you reach a certain number of followers (usually in the 4 figures), brands will start contacting you about collaborating with them or selling images or videos.

If brands haven't reached out to you yet why not reach out to them? Send them an email that you are interested in collaborating, be sure to include your media kit. In your media kit, you should include numbers like your social media reach, how many followers you have, engagement rate. Your influence has value and brands are willing to pay for it!

2) Use Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular content monetization methods content creators use is affiliate marketing. This is where content creators get paid for sending users to a retailer or service provider's website, convincing them to buy something. Most big brands have affiliate programs available for you to join so you can get your unique link and share it in your social media posts. Generally, influencers and content creators will get paid a commission when the brand receives a sale from your referral link or unique coupon code.

3) Monetize Your Content with Patreon

According to a recent study done by The Influencer Marketing Factory, 58% of social media users say that, in the next 12 months, they would pay a monthly subscription fee between $1 and $15 to get exclusive content from their favourite creators. As content consumption and creation become a more social experience, content creators are finding new ways to source revenue. Patreon is one of the best sources for content creators to make money on social media. Many content creators have created a page on Patreon where their viewers can subscribe for monthly payments between $1-$100. In return, users get exclusive content from their content creator of choice.

Maybe your followers/subscribers want to own a t-shirt with your logo on it or receive access to your exclusive content like behind-the-scenes videos. You can set up rewards for each tier of membership, allowing your subscribers to choose which content they would like to have access to. Patreon is more of a long-term strategy, but it's a great way for you to make money on social media.

4) Offer Services

If you're a graphic designer, filmmaker, comic book artist, or any number of other services, creators are still able to make money from their talents online! As a content creator, you can use social media as a way to market yourself and sell your services to your followers. Why not turn this into a business model?

For example, if you have a knack for writing compelling content you can sell this as a service. You might provide different premium package levels for various sorts of written material. It could be as simple as offering blog posts, social media captions, email campaigns and the list goes on. Another great service is for people to pay for your expertise and conversation guidance also known as 1:1 Strategy Calls. These types of calls are where people normally book 1-hour sessions with you. 1:1 calls can be done over Zoom or phone, whichever you prefer. You can charge whatever price point you want for these calls, but I recommend keeping it around $100-$200 per hour as this is the industry standard rate.

5) Sell Digital Products

Not everyone is into physical goods, especially content creators who value their time and creativity. That's why content creators are selling digital products like eBooks or videos that they can sell to their audience in small packages for affordable prices. If you're a content creator that's into teaching, you can sell educational content that your audience is interested in buying. Maybe it's content on personal growth, writing content, or content related to your niche. Creators are selling digital products because they understand their audiences. Recently, there have been content creators selling an eBook about content creation for only $5, which is awesome! People are willing to spend money on content if it helps them become better content creators or helps them solve a problem they're currently dealing with.

6) Create short-form video content to sell to brands

As a content creator, you can also make money by creating short-form videos for brands as user-generated content (UGC). In comparison with other social media platforms, TikTok and Reels are still relatively new. Due to their recent boom in popularity, companies have yet to figure out how to create this type of content. Brands are behind the curve and you as a content creator can use this as an opportunity to make money by creating videos to sell to brands.

It's an amazing way to monetize because you get paid for creating a video that will organically promote the brand's product. If you haven't already mastered the art of short-form video now is your chance to practice and learn. On the flip side, if you're already a short-form video guru then you are one step ahead! The key is to reach out to brands in your niche or industry and send them an email with examples of short-form video content you have produced with the analytics for each post and how you are willing to easily create this type of content for their channels.

Content creators are the new celebrities who have the power to influence consumer behaviour. In this blog post, I showcased 6 ways you as a content creator can make money from your marketing efforts.

I hope that this blog post inspired you to get out there and start creating content and monetizing off your social media.

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xo Elena